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Speak to Win & Communicate to connect. The most important muscle to develop is the muscle of communication. Learn what it takes to influence the people using the power of communication.
India speaker’s forum is a uniquely formed concept that endeavors to alleviate the biggest fear of humans from primordial generations, the fear of Public speaking. The forum with its set of projects, knowledge-sessions, speeches, contests, roles, journal, mentoring systems etc, aims at developing the speaking and inter-personal skills of the masses.
Through a survey conducted by National Institute of Mental Health, dated at March,2012, it was found that as large as 74% of people suffer from “glossophobia”, the fear of public speaking. This fear is so prevalent that people from all walks of life, irrespective of any cultural, racial gender demarcation are subject to feelings of anxiety and other symptoms of gloosophobia when asked to speak in front of a large unknown audience. It is found out that people prefer to die instead of going on stage and face a large audience. Men and women are equally affected and there is no significant difference between their respective fears. Be it due to factors like lack of knowledge on a particular subject, or fear of unknown faces and large audience, or a feeling of self-consciousness, people dread to take up the various golden opportunities they deserve.
Importance of Public-Speaking

  1. By learning how to effectively speak in public, you’ll be able to increase your own self-confidence and self-esteem. You will be able to kill the fear of speaking through the sword of confidence.
  2. Public speaking regularly helps to develop the right set of ‘People skills’
  3. Improve your body-language and physiology
  4. Understand the importance of tonality in communication. It will help you in developing congruency in your communication
  5. Good public speaking skills help you in making new social and professional contacts
  6. The act of preparing a speech strengthen your critical thinking skills
  7. Good public speaking skills help us to negotiate and market our ideas effectively
  8. It helps us in becoming better at persuading, inspiring and motivating others
  9. Leadership skills are often expressed through speaking skills
  10. Learning public speaking helps students to perform better in colleges and the interviews

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