For Interpersonal Skills


Interpersonal skills are the life skills we use every day to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People who have worked on developing strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their professional and personal lives.
India Speaker’s Forum gives its members a chance to widen their social network, utilize that network in succeeding in life, mutually support each other, learn and succeed together with an optimistic vision of their common goal. We give you an opportunity to come together, learn, chisel your speaking skills, gain confidence of yourselves, and perform better in which ever profession you are.
Organizations often seek to hire staff with ‘strong interpersonal skills’ – they want people who will work well in a team and are able to communicate effectively. Ignore these skills and you are doomed to lead a life of mediocrity.
Interpersonal skills are also sometimes referred to as: social skills, people skills, soft skills, communication skills or life skills. Interpersonal skills are all about the ability to successfully handle personal relationships with friends, families and strangers and professional relationships with employees, colleagues, bosses and clients.
Want to be Successful? Develop Inter-Personal Skills

  1. Understanding others and their viewpoint is one of the most crucial skills you need for personal and professional success
  2. Your ability to work in a team, determines your career growth
  3. Learn to lead without a title
  4. Active listening skills help you in developing better understanding of any situation. You will learn to respond to a situation rather than reacting to it.
  5. The ability to persuade and influencing others. There’s a good chance that at some point in your career you’ll have to sell others on your ideas, products or services
  6. The ability to be supportive and motivate others.
  7. Group thinking and collective problem solving are very handy skills
  8. People will go out of the way to help you, if they trust you. Before you ask a hand in help, learn to win the heart
  9. Adapting to people’s working style and learning from them. Once the formal education is over we learn a lot from people around us
  10. When employers are hiring, interpersonal skills are one of the criteria used to evaluate candidates

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