For Individuals


Individuals can find and join the ISF community forums located near to their place. We all need to communicate with people in our personal and professional lives.

For Your Personal and Professional Success
Have you ever wondered how better you much would perform in your life if you have good public speaking and inter-personal skills?

  1. A businessman strikes deals on daily basis. To be able to talk right, to right people; to be able to widen your network circle to reach out to more consumers, you need to know the art of speaking, the art of influencing people, engaging a wide range of customers. To be able to lead a company, take over important decisions, you need to keep honing your leadership skills. Advertising and marketing fields flourish on the pillar of communication skills only.
  2. A career professional needs to be expert at presiding over his presentations in board meetings or otherwise. Compiling his ideas in a coherent way, speaking on points assimilated, connecting his ideas into a thread of thoughts, and expressing his knowledge is something he needs to know, before taking up the task of presenting his PowerPoint.
  3. A teacher needs to share his knowledge with the students by capturing their interests and engaging them throughout; else it would be a class of yawning sleep-heads. Teacher-child interaction, body language, energy level, and the other intricacies of communication skills are not easy to accomplish, yet not impossible.
  4. As an actor or theatre personality, you need to work upon your voice and tonal quality, your expressions, your body language, etc.
  5. If you want to be a lawyer, you need to be able to assert your ideas, influence the other person with your arguments, and convince the audience in your favour. And without proficient art of public speaking, the chance of being a good lawyer would drop to nil.
  6. A good journalist needs to be able to communicate with people from all backgrounds because that is what journalism means. In order to gather information, the art of communication is the pre-requisite. To be a news anchor, you need to be a great orator and have the confidence of facing the camera and the nation
  7. Do you wish to be a doctor who does not know how to win the trust of his patients? Or a doctor who is not well able to explain the process of surgery to his patients? Or the one who does not come across as a humble and helpful doctor, no matter what your intentions be?
  8. Are you an individual who wishes to bring a change in the society? Do you wish to be a social activist who wants to eliminate the social plague around you? And do you realize that this requires you to develop your oratory muscle because you need to be a channel between the needy and the provider?
  9. As a parent, do you think you are unable to be friends with your kid no matter how much you try? Do you find it difficult to motivate them and develop a regular communication channel with them?

How to join an ISF Community Forum
You can drop an email at info@indiaspeakersforum and simultaneously fill the form provided below.

Our representatives will provide you all the information and assist you in joining a community forum. The individual membership is available for six months and yearly basis.

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