For Corporate Sector


Multinational Corporations, PSU’s & Business Owners can start a chapter of India Speakers Forum within their company premises for the development of its people.
Members from multinational organizations like – Mckinsey, PWC, Pathways Global, IPSOS, Metlife and many other organization have placed their trust in India Speakers Forum for improving their speaking, inter-personal and leadership skills.

Benefits of Starting ISF in Your Organization:

  1. Highly Cost-efficient People Development Program for your human capital
  2. Help your employees become better professionals by improving their communication
  3. Improved workflow management
  4. Better team players and people’s person
  5. Develop a leadership pipeline within your organization
  6. One forum can engage up to 40 employees for a year with just 2 hours of weekly or fortnightly meetings.
  7. Training effect reinforces internalizing of the learning
  8. Employee Engagement tool. If you invest in your people they stay loyal towards the organization
  9. Your employees will become better problem solvers
  10. Professional Presentation skills are greatly improved
  11. Time-management skills
  12. Enhanced Quality of deliverables
  13. Improved Feedback and coaching skills
  14. Improved Researching Skills
  15. Better Organization and facilitation skills

How to Apply?
The representative from your organization can drop an email at info@indiaspeakersforum and simultaneously fill the form provided below.

Our representatives will provide you all the information and assist you in launching a new chapter within your organization


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