Welcome to India Speakers Forum

India Speakers & Business Networking Forum is formed to empower people in developing the most important professional and life-skills:

  1. Public Speaking & Effective Communication
  2. Inter-personal Skills
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Professional Networking

India’s Speakers & Business Networking Forum is a uniquely formed concept that endeavors to alleviate the biggest fear of humans from primordial generations, the fear of Public speaking. The forum with its meticulously planned educational road-map , aims at developing the speaking and inter-personal skills of its members.

The forum meets once every fortnight on weekends for a duration of 150 minutes (2.5 hours). The members are professionals who are passionate about public speaking, interpersonal skills, and professional networking. 


Every organization needs a goal for a journey to end; therefore it becomes inevitable for any organization to set a goal for itself and its fellow members so as to work diligently towards it. ISF aims at developing an individual’s personal growth and polishing him/her to an inerrant state where all fears and set backs have been eliminated. Therefore, we expect every meeting to begin with the aim and end with an affirmation of having taken a step further towards it.

India Speakers Forum is committed to help its members in developing the 4 major life-skills:

  • Public Speaking
  • Persuasion Skills
  • People’s Skills
  • Professional Networking Skills



Every goal in life is empty without an honest promise of achieving it. The journey of India’s Speakers Forum is futile if the members do not commit themselves to achieve the set goals and to their personal development. Members need to assiduously commit themselves to not only the aim of the club, but also to the club itself and the other members.

As a member of the ISF forum, I promise to:

  • ATTEND all the meetings regularly
  • PARTICIPATE actively in the forum
  • PERFORM my roles and responsibilities
  • SERVE the forum and its members

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